The Trust

The Purnujjal Papiya Ghosh Memorial Trust draws inspiration from the exemplary and truly remarkable lives of Ujjal Kumar Ghosh, an upright, honest and outstanding IAS

Objectives of Trust

To set-up the “Purnujjal Papiya Ghosh International Centre.” To encourage excellence in educational and academic pursuits, at all levels, especially for disadvantaged groups. To facilitate

Activities of Trust

The activities so far have focused on institution of Awards, Scholarships, Books Grants to Educational Institutions and donations for Charitable purposes to Voluntary Organisations. These


Particulars The Purnujjal Papiya Ghosh Memorial Trust was set up on 25 April 2007.It has been registered u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Purnujjal Papiya Memorial Trust Brochure