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The Trust

The Purnujjal Papiya Ghosh Memorial Trust draws inspiration from the exemplary and truly remarkable lives of Ujjal Kumar Ghosh, an upright, honest and outstanding IAS Officer of the Bihar Cadre who was murdered in a Government Hospital, by poisoning, on 3 December 1957, Purnima Ghosh, who valiantly picked up the shreds of a shattered life and devotedly crafted the future of four young daughters, Col. Arun Kumar Ghosh, her brother-in-law, who chose to be by her side at the hour of crisis and Papiya, the third of the four daughters, who was an eminent Scholar and a most caring and compassionate person, and who was tragically murdered, like her father on the same day, 49 years later. ( www.papiyaghosh.com )The reasons for the murders and suffering inflicted on the Ghosh Family are not known and perhaps will never be known. But there will be no let up in the quest for justice.

Lives as valuable as these cannot be allowed to have been lost in vain. They represent the unmatched courage, deep resilience, commendable fortitude and strong determination to make sterling contributions and leave their distinctive imprint on destinies, in the midst of conditions that are not congenial or supportive. We must celebrate such lives and let their achievements be known to those who may be in similar circumstances and fighting seemingly hopeless battles.

Ujjal Kumar Ghosh & Purnima Ghosh with their daughters Keya, Papiya, Tuktuk and Jaya

The legacy of the Ghosh Family will be carried forward and we are determined not to be beaten down by the forces ranged against the best, brightest and most promising. To achieve the overarching goals of justice and excellence, we will enable and facilitate those less advantaged and less privileged to realize their full potential and contribute to the development of our society and country. We are convinced we will make a difference that will have many far reaching consequences.


  • The Purnujjal Papiya Ghosh Memorial Trust was set up on 25 April 2007.
  • It has been registered u/s 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 on 25 April 2007 by order no DIT (E)/2007-2008/P-1150/692.
  • The Trust has received tax exemption under 80(G) of the Income Tax Act vide no DIT (E) 2010-2011/p-1150/895 of 26 July 2010.

Col Arun Kumar Ghosh

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